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The online workshop that will teach you the aspects of watercolour painting starting from colour mixing to creating a painting.




42 lessons

Access from any device and from anywhere in the world and study at your own pace.

5 video hours

A minimum of theory, all 5 hours you will study some of the properties of watercolour paints, techniques, building a composition and choosing a palette.

8 paintings

8 beautiful paintings created by yourself you will love.

Acceptable price

Learning should bring joy, satisfaction and pride in your own achievements and should not be very expensive.

watercolour painting tanya amos 2 min

Start from basic and build expertise with the help of a practical approach and step-by-step tutorials.


  • Learn the fundamental knowledge and the basic painting/illustration techniques – wet on wet, wet on dry, negative painting

  • Learn to understand and use the colour relationship in the colour wheel

  • Learn to see, judge, paint colours as shades of grey

  • Learn the basic principles of composition and value

  • Learn how to create a painting/ illustration beginning from composition, following by value study and finally finished work

  • Learn how to accurately perceive the hue and manipulate of colour across its 3 attributes: hue, value, saturation

  • Learn to learn the basic characteristics of paints

  • Learn to understand how to see and mix an exact colours needed

  • Learn to create the illusion of three-dimensional objects and space, light and shadow

  • Learn to use the knowledge you gained in lessons in practice, creating the series of paintings

  • Will be ready to further work independently

  • Learn how to deepen your artistic skills and open new possibilities for interpreting the beauty that surrounds you


Course curriculum

Colour theory

This chapter is dedicated to understanding and confidently using color combinations, creating the color wheel and possible color combinations. You will get the fundamental knowledge of the basics of working with value and tone, temperature bias, colour saturation.That will allow you to use color in the most effective way in your work.

Chapters 1 min

Colour mixing

In this lesson you will use the knowledge from previous Chapter to mix the exact colours you want confidently. You will find here some tips how to form you colour palette.

Chapters 2 min

Light and shadow

You will gain an understanding of the influence of the light on revealing the shape of an object as a key for creating realistic paintings in the future.

Chapters 3 min

Working on picture basics

This Chapter is the series of lessons explaining the one of many possible approaches to creating the painting, illustration. You will learn the essential steps: sketching, creating composition, value study, monochromatic painting, final work.

Chapters 4 min
Chapters 5 min

Painting still life

You will get familiarased with the basic watercolor techniques: wet on wet, wet on dry, glazing and other techniques that can be used in watercolor painting to create various effects.

Chapters 6 min

Painting landscape

In this Chapter you will continue to practice watercolour techniques further by painting simple minimalistic landscape.

Chapters 7 min

Painting flora and fauna

You will learn how to competently manage the space of the sheet, highlight the point of interest, convey movement, create rhythm and control the viewer’s attention.

Chapters 8 min

Bonus lesson. Snowdrops

This is an additional lesson dedicated to painting floral as a quick study. You will explore negative painting, creating deliberate backruns to convey the mood.

Chapters 9 min

This course is for everyone who wants to

  • Get started with watercolour painting

  • Continue to learn watercolours and equip yourself with fundamentals

  • Work in different watercolour techniques, paint still lifes, flora&fauna and landscapes

  • Work with watercolors confidently

  • Not fear the colour and be able to mix any colour you want

  • Depict complex picture structure in a simple way

  • Understand how to work from sketching to final detailing

  • Spend time with benefit and learn new creative tips

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If you want to replenish your artistic arsenal with new techniques and knowledge then you are in the right place here!

This course is not for ones who wants to learn to

  • Paint figures and portraits

  • Draw, although the basic approach for drawing is explained in the course

  • Explore techniques using salt, white gouache

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My thought is that a hobby and learning should bring joy, satisfaction and pride in your own achievements and should not be very expensive

The workshop begins with the basics of watercolour painting and takes you through many exciting technique


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Abilities at level a novice watercolorist to continuing artists!

  • Plan your own schedule and complete the practical tasks of the course at a convenient time for you.
  • Review your work, make a notes for yourself about your progress.
  • Upon your wish upload finished works to your personal account, share your progress with other students.
  • You can communicate with other students in the course, and ask the teacher questions.
  • Keep learning and develop the knowledge you gained.

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Almost each lesson is supported by templates, pencils and value study sketches.



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Career perspective

If painting and illustrationg are not only a hobby for you, the course will help you develop as an artist, illustrator or designer!





paintings from the workshop

watercolour painting tanya amos 4 min

Access to the course remains with you for 1 year! This time limit is applied intentionally, so the student does not procrastinate and makes progress.

Improve your skills for better outcomes and build confidence with your art, creativity, materials and results.

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Learn through practising along to gain confidence in your art

watercolour painting tanya amos 1 min

Meet the teacher

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I am an artist and illustrator, working in watercolour, gouache, other mediums. I am often inspired by nature, ordinary things around me. I experiment with different mediums and styles, but watercolour is so far my favourite medium. I am self taught and have been constantly learning. Every time I learn something new I feel the need to share my knowledge in some way.

This is why I created this course, so I could share the knowledge and support the creatives who are just starting in watercolours or continuing. I am sure you fill find this workshop useful for you. I wish you every success in your creative journey!

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